My second Post

My second Post

Hello everyone

It is 15.02.2017 and 10.19 pm in London. I am sitting in my duvet on my bed, with my hands free on and on the call with my fiancee who is half asleep, well you can say totally asleep. He lives in Pakistan and due to being in different time zones and full time jobs we are unable to take time out for each other. So this is what we do, when he gets home from work, has dinner and goes to sleep but not without my good night messages. And then I come home after work, have dinner and finish off any pending things at home and once in bed I am obliged to call him and wake him up. I am not allowed to sleep without talking to him. If I don’t wake him up, well…. you can imagine the next morning.

Anyways, since my last post well the one and only post, I was too busy. I jotted down some ideas that I wanted to write but I just did not get a chance to actually turn my laptop on and physically write on them. I am forcing myself to come back to my abandoned blog and start adding some content on it. Hopefully, this time I will keep my word.

See you soon then.

Hopefully tomorrow.

Once again, The London Girl!


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