My First Post!

My First Post!

Hello World,

I have only just created this blog and I am really excited to work on it regularly. Hopefully every day.

This is my very first post I am posting online so I am going to keep it very informal and casual. You will find later on that most of my posts will be casual and smooth.

Explaining the current scenario of my whereabouts, I am right now sitting in my bedroom on my desk; logged on from my laptop which I can’t believe I bought 2 years ago and still looks barely used. Well that’s because I barely used it. 🙂 I have attached a separate keyboard to my laptop because I find it easier and fun to type on a keyboard rather than using the built-in one. I don’t know what your thoughts are on it.

I have also connected a wireless mouse with my laptop because if I am not using the built-in keyboard, the mouse pad would be bit far and inconvenient to use. I think I got the spellings right for the word third last in my previous sentence.

Carrying on with my room, my bed is actually right behind me with the door on my right. There are also two large wardrobes in my room with a dresser in the middle. Although, the dresser is not fully serving its purpose, but fully covered with unnecessary books and documents, which I will need to sort out at some point.

It is 6.44pm local time and Saturday. I am soooo bored. I don’t know what to do. I have so much work to do but don’t feel like doing anything and not able to concentrate. So I am thinking that I should take a quick shower, have a hot drink and then come back to work. Although, I might just change my mind later and watch a movie in my bed with no lights in the room.

I am sure I have written too much for my first post. So, I should go now. Have a nice rest of the day everyone and see you later.


The London Girl.

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