Married Now

Married Now

Hi all

What was I thinking!

I actually thought that I will have more time to myself and my blog after 25th September 2017. But instead I have been super duper busy. Busier than I was before. I guess it was my choice to start university in the same year that I got married. Well I didn’t want to delay my studies any longer but this has definitely made my life busier than ever before.

Full-time job in the morning; university in the evenings.

I have to say, despite of all the duties that I have taken on, my life has become somewhat peaceful and I am really grateful to God for this.

I really really want to work on my blog more often now. Today I am going definitely going to clear out some storage space from my mobile phone, so i can take some nice pictures and that way I will be able to blog daily while I am on the train or something. I won’t have to take dedicated time out just for this.

So, I’ll see you guys tomorrow then and I really really hope to come back tomorrow and update you guys on my day.


Have a good day everyone.

see you later.


The London Girl.

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