Day 4 | My Earliest Memory

Day 4 | My Earliest Memory

When I decided to write on this topic, I started thinking back in time to find the earliest memory I could remember of my childhood. A lot of them came to my mind but I couldn’t decide which one would be the earliest or even if they were memories at all. Because I have watched a lot of videos of my childhood so it was a bit hard to decide if it was my actual memory or something I watched in one of the videos.

The memory that came to my mind of actually being real and not from the videos is below:

Me in black clothes that my aunt designed and stitched for me, I was one year old, my dad had come back from Russia to visit us. He used to live there for work. The first time he went, I was 2 months old, so I hadn’t seen him before in person. I was very shy and wouldn’t go near him. I knew he was my dad, I would tell my cousin that Look, my dad is here, but wouldn’t actually go to him. I was the only child at the time so he obviously wanted me to be little less shy.

In addition to the above memory, what my parents have told me about that time was that I wouldn’t even allow my mum to sit with him. Well, since that day, all my siblings followed the tradition and they wouldn’t let my mum sit next to my dad whenever he used to come back from Russia. 😛

So, that was my earliest memory, can you think of yours?


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