Day 29 | Fear of Death

Day 29 | Fear of Death

Today I experienced a mini death fear incident. I was going to university after work in tube. Casually eating my fries from McDonalds, then a man pointed at an unattended bag. The bag was just left in the underground and he asked everybody in the carriage if it belonged to them but everyone refused.


This created a wave of fear in everybody. I don’t know about the others but it sure did scare me. I stopped eating my fries and thought that I wouldn’t want to die with a french fry stuck in my throat. I was scared that I might die.


I then decided to leave the train at the next stop. I am sure a few others decided the same. But those 2 minutes underground until next stop were very hard and the longest.


At the next stop I got off and so did other 3 men who were concerned. Then they called a member of staff who removed the bag from the carriage and so I boarded the train again..


I was afraid that there might be a bomb in the bag and I really did not want to die that way so I kept myself as far away from it as I possibly could.



Still Alive..

The London Girl

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