Day 27 | Weather And Memories

Day 27 | Weather And Memories

This is supposed to be spring apparantly but look outside.


This is amaazzzinnngg. It’s end of February and it’s snowing.  It started settling when we were in office and we all took our phones and ran to different windows to take photographs from different views.

Some were getting excited by it and others were complaining and hoping for sun to come back. I love snow no matter what. I am not sure of the reason but it might have to do something with my early childhood spent in Russia.

Whenever I see snow, it brings back a lot of memories. Good ones. I can sit in the window and watch snow for ages and I wouldn’t even mind going out in snow.

This is the picture below of my kindergarten in Russia. This is what it looks like now.

Weather forecast is that it is going to be very cold weather for the next few days. I wonder what will tomorrow bring for us.


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