Day 26 | My One Year Goal

Day 26 | My One Year Goal

On 15th Feb I decided that I am going to quit my full-tie job and work from home so I can do all those things which I love to do, such as writing, painting, making creative things and house chores. So I have a year to actually start working on it. So my goal for the next 12 months is to somehow generate a side income which is either residual or guaranteed that you will get it after a certain period of time.

One idea I have is to start selling cloths now and expand it to a larger scale within a year and then I can have some more time to design them too. I already have a stock at home that I will put on sale and see how we go from there.

Second idea That I have is to write my own book within the next year and get someone to publish it. If I am able to do that, then it will be a dream come true. I will get paid for something I love doing. I will be home for my family, still earning, be my own boss. At the moment I have ideas for 2 books which I will share at a later point.


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