Day 24 | Dinner Party 2

Day 24 | Dinner Party 2

Hi all


On Wednesday we were invited to a dinner party and I shared picture of dessert with you. Today I was on the other side of the dinner party. I was hosting one and spent the whole day doing work. Washed clothes. Changed sheets. Cooked.

I made boiled rice with pulses. Served with yoghurt, salad and pickles. Also made ground beef with peas. Ice cream for dessert.

I was hosting this dinner so was too busy to even take a picture. I just realised that when I started to write this post. I am surprised I remembered to change my clothes before the guests arrived.

But I will share with you is a picture of my water set that I bought. It is acryllic. Apparantly unbreakable and unscratchable.

Now I will wash dishes and have another round of food. And I am surr my husband will take care of the remaining ice cream.


Happy Saturday Night everybody


The London Girl

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