Day 22 | The Longest 2 Minutes

Day 22 | The Longest 2 Minutes

Today I had Practical lesson at university. It was a third Enzyme session lab and we finally managed to get the results right, which meant that we could then carry on with the remaining 3 experiments using the values from previous task.

I can’t believe it actually took us three sessions to come to this point but then the rest of the pairs were in a same situation as us. Today was the last session to accomplist all the tasks as we are going to be tested on them next week. Going home without results meant you are in deep trouble in terms of revision for test.

When we got the expected readings, we couldn’t just stop there. This meant that we now had to repeat the tests and then get an average readings. We were rushing, pipetting solutions, mixing, taking readings in spectrophotometer, noting them down and checking the timer.

As it got closer to 9 o’ clock, we saw other groups leaving and we increased our pace. We were on our last experiment repeat when I noticed that one of the professors had already left and other two were waiting for just us two.. with their coats and jackets on. It was past 9 o’ clock. We had to take readings at 1 minute intervals. The time went sooooo slow… and those were the longest 2 minutes that we had to wait and take readings at. The professors were observing us closely and commenting… those are great results you are producing there.. well done.. when they actually wanted to say was, “hurry up.. we want to go home now”.

I was so glad once the experiment was over. But overall these 3 sessions were the most productive as we had to do trial experiments and use our own knowledge. I personally learnt more in these lab sessions. So those 2 minutes were not only the longest… but also most productive.

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