Day 21 | Dinner Parties

Day 21 | Dinner Parties

Are they more fun when you are the host or when you are attending them. I try to get out of both situations to be honest. What matters the most in dinner parties is the “timing”. What day of the week they are held? Is it the begining of the month, middle or end? What else is happening those days?

You spend a lot of energy, time and effort in organising one but it all pays off when every body enjoys the food and praise about your hard work. That’s what matters anyway.

It is as challenging to attend one as it is to host. You have to take time out from other duties and prioritise your committments and accept the offer. Then you also spend time getting dressed, travelling and staying there till end.

But the best part of the dinner Parties is:

What’s yours?

The London Girl

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