Day 18 | Lessons For My Children

Day 18 | Lessons For My Children

Life can be cruel sometimes and kind at the same time. It teaches us so many lessons through out; some we learn from our mistakes, some from other’s and some lessons we learn from unexpected ways. They all leave a mark on our lives in one way or another and it’s human nature to pass your experiences on to others to help them avoid the mistakes you did. Usually when the lessons are learned hard way, the first people that you don’t want to face the same thing are your children.

I don’t have any kids but everytime I learn a lesson from life I always think to myself that I won’t let my children do this.. or I will make sure that my children are following some good habbits that I have learned from my life and so on. Today I will be sharing some lessons that I have learned and I would like to pass them on to my childre.

1. To be happy about yourself. To love yourself. Doesn’t mean to love all the bad habbits you have and continue adopting them but love yourself in a way that you don’t feel small, less confident or less capable. I spent my childhood disliking myself. I was intelligent and was always amongs the top students in my class but when it came to making friends or socialising I would always think less of myself and would think I am not pretty etc. I wasted so much of my childhood thinking about unnecessary things. I learned this lesson quiet late in my life and it made my life so much easier and less complicated.

2. Don’t hide your good feelings and emotions for others. I was very shy as a kid and unexpressive. I don’t remember that I ever said to my parents out loud that I love them when I was kid. I don’t remember that I was EVER able to say that. They know I love them from the things I do for them. I know they love me from what they have done for me. But not expressing our love in words or hugs and cuddles created distance between us that we couldn’t share our problems with them or were not able to go to them when in trouble.

3. I would like my children to……

You know what.. there are a lot of things I want to teach my kids. But I am sure their father would have saved an advice or 2 for them too so I think I should stop here and leave the rest for later…


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