Day 14 | My Goals For The Next Few Days

Day 14 | My Goals For The Next Few Days

To start with. . . Eat less and Work more.

Hello every body

It is mid of the month already. Time just flies real quick and so much work gets left behind. I have a lot of chores to catch up on. Every week I decide that I will do it tonight or at the weekend but we always end up doing something else at the weekend that I never get a chance to complete my tasks. It’s weird.. I am weird.. that when my husband is at work and I have the day off, I cannot concentrate on anything and I just spend the whole day waiting for him to come home. But when he is at home, I still don’t do any work because I want to be with him and do nothing.

I have also bought myself a planner – which I love so much – to be more organised. I think it is helping. But I just need to build some strategies around my routine to be able to manage my workload i.e. work, home and studies.  This is the best time to set goals for the next few weeks and accomplish the tasks one by one. I am going to open up my planner and jot down the tasks as I go.

  • sort out the wardrobe in the next 2 days
  • pack the bag for charity stuff
  • Book tickets for Zip world event this week and sort out accommodation
  • Complete the visa application and submit by Monday 19th Feb 2018
  • then finalize the travel arrangements
  • Book travel appointments with nurse
  • Upload the products for sale by 25th Feb 2018.
  • Check planner for Friday’s date for the remaining to do items.
  • Check Sunday 18th for to do tasks
  • Catch up on pending tasks on Sunday 25th Feb. 


Now I am going to make sure everything gets done as planned.


Catch you all later..


The London Girl

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