Day 12 | Days in Banstead Art Club

Day 12 | Days in Banstead Art Club

2 years ago I signed up to an Art Club in Banstead. A 26 years old girl used to run the club in the community centre which was 3 minutes walk from my workplace. I used to attend on Thursday evenings. I used to love it. I learnt a lot in those 2 hours sessions per week for 12 weeks term.

I always loved art but never had a chance to actually learn from a professional and fully discover my abilities in this area. We practiced a number of activities to cover different aspects of art. I came across her facebook page the other day and found some of my artwork that I did in the club online. I was so thrilled and it brought back a lot of lovely, productive and soothing memories. So I though I should share some of the work that I did there.

1. The first activity that we did was animal sketching. I sketched a cat but never got to complete my work. What I did was good but I don’t think that I enjoyed sketching animals that much so I was never motivated to continue that. But it was wise to try.

2. My second lesson was the water colour painting. I learnt a few techniques of water colours and how to use them for different things.

3. We did some clay work. And I made this. It is kind of amazing and creepy at the same time. What do you think?

4. We learnt the gradient technique using acrylic paints. I used that for the background and then we had to do live painting. We used this flower in a vase and had to paint the shadows etc.




5. This was also done with the apple in front of me. These are oil paints. I have kind of forgotten any special tips for this but from what I remember you have to be patient with these as they can take agessss to fully dry. We used spatulas to paint this. I think I would like to learn more about oil paints.

6. We did some charcoal life sketching. It was fun. I used charcoal and sketched the girl as a negative and another one by charcoal and chalk.



7. Last but not the least is my favourite and I am most proud of….. is the one at the top of the page. That’s why it is at the top. That’s done by coloured charcoal.


I am actually thinking of doing more of charcoal and chalk work. I will definitely share those with you.


Monday is Finally over- i cant wait for my Amazon orders to arrive this week..


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