Day 11 | Your £10

Day 11 | Your £10

We went to poundland today. We only had 6 minutes before he had to go for his job and I had an appointment and yet we managed to buy things worth 9 pounds. It would have been £10 but my husband changed his mind about the spearmint chewing gum because he wanted the yellow one but it was not available.

It just made me wonder the worth of £10. How many useful items can we get from £10 or under? If you have ten pounds in London.. you can get to your destination by buying an oyster card for 5 pounds and top up of the remaining 5, given that you travel by bus or tram. It might take you longer as compared to underground or trains but definitely cheaper.

We can do our weekly basic grocery from Lidl under £10 – including milk, bread, eggs, frozen vegetables and fruits. The prices are definitely different from other supermarkets.

If you give me £10 to spend.. I would go to Poundland and get as much stationary I could get. Pens.. colours.. writing books.. stickers.. folders.. you name it! And after I have done that.. I would do my walk of Pride in the aisle with my head held high.

Another use of your husband’s arm

Oh.. I just remembered another thing that I bought for £10 which I actually budgeted to be that. I had already decided how much I was going to spend before I entered the shop. I got some new headscarves for myself. The price rate there was one for £2 but three for £5. I bought six new headscarves for £10.

There you go!
Thats all I could think of at the moment on this topic in 30 minutes.. but if I do more research on it.. I will definitely be able to find some good things we can do with £10 or less.

Dont forget to share your tips and advice on how to spend your £10.

Can’t believe it’s Monday tomorrow already…. 😫

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