Day 1 | 5 Problems with Social Media

Day 1 | 5 Problems with Social Media

Hi all, 

Today I am going to be sharing what I think are the 5 problems with social media. Some of the things you might think are actually qualities rather than problems. Even though I am only going to write about the negative of them, I do use them myself and do find them quiet useful and resourceful but everything comes with its pros and cons. 


1. First problem with social media is that it is very time consuming. When I say that, I mean they take up so much of our time without us realizing it. One minute you log in to your Facebook and the next thing you know is you have spent 2 hours of your precious time just scrolling through unnecessary an unimportant images and posts with lame jokes and funny captioms. There are still benefits of Facebook because you can also find that some posts are informative and keep you updated with daily news without you having to dig for news and current affairs. But again, it is still taking up a lot of your time.  

2.  Second thing I find frustrating about all the social media networks is that they are addictive, which again supports my earlier point that they are time consuming. When you cannot resist using your favorite social network account, you end up spending a lot of your time in which you could be doing something much more productive and beneficial to others and most importantly yourself. 

3. Social media can also prove to be unsafe and dangerous. People share absolutely everything on it including their personal details; what they are doing; when and where they are planning to go; their photos and their daily lives. Photos could be used for wrong purposes if not restricted and secured. Even though these apps are classed under “Parental Guidance” but there are no restrictions on the phone really. Practically everybody has smart phones these days, including young children, and we all know that parents really don’t have time to check everything their kids are doing and as a result they can get in trouble. We have all read and heard incidents  about young teenagers committing suicides due to the impact of social media on them. 

4.  I also believe that all the social media apps are super distracting. Whenever you are in the middle of something, you would hear a ping on your phone or vibration. there is a comment on your status We do know how to put the notifications on silent but we put it on vibration instead so we don’t miss any “important” comment on our latest picture or we want to know if somebody is responding to our Facebook story at all. As soon as we hear something, we quickly grab our smart phones and leave the work that we are doing in the middle. And if we don’t hear anything, we still pick up our phones and wonder why not…! 

 5. Last but not the least, I just think there are too many of them out there. Just one app after another. I can hardly catch up with my WhatsApp messages, let alone, Instagram, snapchat, Pinterest, twitter etc. Don’t get me wrong. They all have their goods and bads and have their specialties and I have an account on all of them, just because I have to check what my younger sister is doing on it or what could she be doing. But I have to be honest with you. Kids catch up with these updates way earlier than we do. I can hardly remember the usernames and passwords to all of them to be honest.  

I can actually think of a few more cons of the social media these days but they would probably fall under the above five categories in one way or another so I think I’ll leave it.  

Please do let me know if you agree or disagree with my above comments or if you can think of an example how Social media can be a problem today. 

Thank you very much. 



The London Girl.  



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