30 Days Writing Challenge!

30 Days Writing Challenge!

Hi all,

Get ready to be amazed and overwhelmed with bed time reading material for the next 30 days.

I have decided that I am really going to challenge myself this time and start a 30 Days writing challenge for myself. There! I said it! Online….. Everybody knows it now. I will really have to do it now and keep my word. It will be so embarrassing otherwise.

Or I could just delete this post any time I want and no body will ever know.

Getting ready to be challenged

Just kidding..!

SO the challenge starts from 1st Feb 2018  and I will write something every day. I do have a list of topics that I would like to write on but you are more than welcome to throw any ideas or topics that you would like to be included in this challenge.

I just realized that I was going to make it a month worth of work but February only has 28 days not 30. That will be fun! I will still write 30 pieces, I might have to publish more than one a day some times or just carry them forward to March.

I am very excited for this and going to really push myself this time with everything else that is going on in my life at the moment, this is just another task on my list.

So wish me luck and I should better get cracking as the first deadline is tomorrow.


I’ll see you soon. This time I promise, I will REALLY see you….soon.


The London Girl

2 Replies to “30 Days Writing Challenge!”

  1. This post has inspired me!! I started to write my book about 2 months ago. All was going well until I met my book coach and she posed some questions that made me reconsider my writing. I became stuck. I just didn’t know what to write based on her questions (which were valid).
    My question to you is, “what will be your inspiration for the next 28 day, to keep you writing?”. I have read time and time again that I should just ‘write. write anything that comes to mind but that doesn’t make sense to me. I like to write in a logical manner. Any advice will be most appreciated.

    1. Thanks Jacqueline, Well answer to your question is actually in your comment above. As my post inspired you, your post or article could inspire me and keep me motivated. What will keep me motivated for the rest of the challenge is reading about other people’s success and how they are enjoying what they are writing and taking pride in it. And yes, I have read it too that you should just write what comes in your mind but everybody has their own ways of doing things. So I would suggest that just write anything that comes to your mind so you are not loosing any of your thoughts and ideas and then put it to side, come back to it later, and edit it in a logical manner. I hope this helps.
      Thanks, The London Girl.

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